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Welcome to Tommy Clucas Racing
Season 2002
Isle of Man 600cc Champion 2002
2002 Rider Profile
2002 Manager Profile
Personal details and contact information
Personal details and contact information
2002 Race Calendar
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Season 2002 Race Calendar
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2002 Results
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Team PC Racing results
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2002 Diary
2002 Photo Gallery
Tommy's world famous diary
A photographic record of the 2002 season
2002 Bike History
2002 Press & Media
Racing, modification and service history
Press reports, TV and media coverage
For Sale
Spares, tyres, odds and sods...
Leave messages of support, abuse, etc.
Race Circuits
Season 2002 Summary
Maps of racing tracks and circuits
Summary of the 2002 season
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First season in snazzy orange jacket...
Season two on a Honda CBR600
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